EATS & TREATS: The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

HAPPY CHOCOLATE CHIP DAY! This recipe from Lauren’s Latest is a favorite of ours and SO easy to make. If you are not already on your way to the grocery store, you should be. Good luck eating just one!


First, I’ll set the scene: it is a rainy day in March, my children are angelically (and finally) napping, and I am being extra productive in my bed scrolling through Facebook, getting my mind right for Spring Break and having to full-time parent since school is out. I really do love my children. 😉

What else could come to my rescue than a perfectly placed video of the most amazing looking homemade cookies I have ever seen! And I am talking smell the screen, mouth watering looking delicious. AND just my luck, I happened to have every ingredient required for these tasty looking morsels! #winning Pictures below are from our second time making these cookies and they turned out even better. Thanks Lauren for the awesome recipe!

Some happenings from our house:

-I pre-measured/scooped into bowls before my kids got up, because toddlers.

-I didn’t have a light colored baking sheet, so our cookies took a few extra minutes to cook.



The Goods


Missing 1/2 stick butter.


Step 1: Sugars and Butter


Step 2: Eggs and Vanilla


Step 3: Flour, Baking Soda, and Salt


Step 4: Mix, Mix, Mix


Step 5: Milk Chocolate and Semi-Sweet Chips


Step 6: Dough sits for 20 Minutes, then scoop onto parchment paper; COOK!


Step 7: Cookies sit on pan for 5-7 minutes

Again, this recipe is from Lauren’s Latest food blog and is not a recipe of my own (that would be hilarious) Find the direct link to the perfection here:



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