LOCAL LIFE: Sweet Eats Fruit Farm // Georgetown, TX

Nestled just on the outskirts of Georgetown lie the 77-acres of land that are home to Sweet Eats Fruit Farm. This incredibly family friendly venue served as the perfect escape for my family on Memorial Day Weekend. Aside from the super friendly staff, we also got to visit with Owner and General Managers, Jon and Kory. Bella loved spouting off useless knowledge to Kory and may or may not have bribed him to take us on a ride on the Polaris down to the San Gabriel River, which is also accessible by walking.

Sweet Eats is absolutely packed with things to do or just space to roam as a majority of the common areas are shaded under beautiful trees and your admission fee pays for access to all activities (with the exception of fruit picking). I would definitely recommend blocking out a decent chunk of your day to spend here to take advantage of all the fun things to do and see.

We tried just about everything available and I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking.


Check-in is located right next to the parking lot. Sweet Eats accepts cash, check and credit cards

Pony Rides:

Our kiddos got to ride the bigger horse, Toby, together. This saved both time and a tantrum of who got to go first. Double win. The smaller horse is Ruby, also pictured.

Petting Zoo/Feeding the Animals:

Sweet Eats has several different animals to interact with. We pet bunnies, saw pigs, and fed the goats, alpacas, and chickens. Feed is available at the front of the petting area. Coins for the machine are included in your admission and you get them at the check-in station.

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Face Painting:

Face painting is also available with your admission. Bella got a pink ladybug and Jayden got a yellow snake.


We had so much fun in the hay maze. It has 4 levels of difficulty and hidden treasure at the end! (Side note: you may or may not need to have a coin to get the treasure. You’re Welcome)



Jump Pad:

No shoes allowed. Kids had a blast! They had foam swords and balls to play with.

Treasure Mountain:

Huge dirt mountain with shovels and toys. There are golden coins hidden throughout for finding!



Stone Skipping (on the San Gabriel):

Take a short walk down to the San Gabriel and try your hand at skipping stones or just taking in the beautiful scenery.

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Corn Hole: DSC_0542DSC_0545

Bull Roping:


Food Truck:

There was a delicious food truck on-site called Boomerangs. They have handheld pies and Sno-Cones. We tried the Southwest Chicken and the kiddos had Cherry Sno-Cones. They accept cash and credit cards.


Fruit Picking:

Seasonal fruit is available to pick as available. You can get a box at the check-in station. To see what fruit is available, see website.


Check out Sweet Eats Fruit Farm on Facebook or through their website, currently open on weekends.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SweetEatsFruitFarm/ 

Website: http://www.sweeteats.com/


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